Counselor's corner

Social Skills

Aug./Sept.- Citizenship & Respect
Oct. - Self-Control & Self-Discipline
Nov. - A Positive Attitude
Dec. - Truthfulness & Honesty
Jan. - Responsibility
Feb. - Hard Work
Mar. - Perseverance
Apr. - Cooperation
May - Courtesy

Group/Individual Counseling

Small counseling groups are one of the services provided by the Elementary Counselor. Students' needs dictate the types of groups that are offered.Some groups that have been offered in the past are:
Grief Groups
Friendship Groups 

Individual counseling is a service provided by the elementary counselor. Students can be referred by parents, teachers, or themselves to explore some of the following issues: self-esteem, problem-solving, friendships, anger,behavior, death, and divorce.

2nd Cup of Coffee Parent Meetings

These meetings are held on the last Thursday of the month. Topics covered are: bullying, discipline, encouraging children at home, etc.