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Parent Right

You may order books from the Book Fair from our Online Book Fair. Click on the link below.

Transportation Changes

Changesin your child's transportation arrangements must be submitted to theoffice in WRITING. Changes made during the school day must be submittedby FAX at 281-591-8549 or email to: or All changes must be made by 3:00 p.m.

Anderson,Bethune, and Reece Academy students share the same school buses. On the1st day of school, students are asked to be at their bus stop by 7:15a.m. After the first few days, when bus routes are firmly established,students may be able to arrive at their bus stop at later times. Allstudents must wear identification tags during the 1st two weeks ofschool. Tags are provided by the school, or parents may make their owntags if the school tag is lost. During the 1st week of school, studentsoften arrive home a little later than usual due to added students on theroute, new bus routes, and new bus drivers. PLEASE DO NOT BECOMEALARMED.
Ifyour address has changed since last school year, it will be necessaryto come to Anderson on Aug. 7th, 8th, or 9th. You will need to bring acurrent utility bill in order to make the address change. Your telephonebill WILL NOT be accepted.

Car Riders

Studentswho are transported by car will be escorted to their designated area ofthe school each day by Anderson staff members. Please do no make anychanges in mode of transportation after 3:00 p.m. Parents be prepared toshow identification at the time of pickup. During the 1st week ofschool, car rider dismissal is rather slow because of many new studentsand parents who are not familiar with the routine.

After the first week of school, car rider dismissal will go much faster.

After School Care

Beginningthis school year, the YMCA will provide after school care for studentsattending Reece, Anderson and Bethune. The program will be located onBethune's campus from 4:30-6:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. Reece and Anderson students will be transported by bus to Bethune. For more information contact Summer at 832-484-9622.

School Lunches

The pricefor school lunch is $1.45; breakfast is FREE. Students may pay for theirmeals with cash, check, or debit from a prepaid account. You mayestablish an account by going online to an account allows parents to prepay their children'slunches several weeks in advance and eliminates the necessity ofstudents carrying cash. Students and parents may pay on accounts in thecafeteria from 7-9a.m. Students who were previously on the School Lunch Program must reapply each year in order to remain on the program. Reapply online to speed up the approval process at School lunch applications will be available in the front office.

Alacarte items include: chips, ice cream, Gatorade, Snapple, etc. may alsobe sold to students. When purchased by students on a regular basis,these items may quickly decrease a student's meal account balance! Ifyou do not desire your child to have ala carte privileges, you must submit a written note to the cafeteria manager.

Registration Cards & Student Release Cards

Student Registration Cards and Student Release Cards wil be sent home with all students on the 1st day of school. Completing & sending these cards back is very important!!!The Student Release Cards will allow you to designate other individualsto pick up your child from school. Students will not be released toindividuals who are not listed on the card.


Criminal Background Check Authorization Form

AndersonAcademy staff encourages parental and community involvement. Any adultwho wishes to help with a class party, a class activity, chaperone aclass field trip, or volunteer in any way must first complete a criminalbackground check. The good news is that this form can be completed on-line. This must be completed each school year. It does not carry overyear to year.


  • Aldine’s Re-teach Re-assess Policy 

    • Re-teaching and re-assessment is appropriate for all objectives assessed as a major grade
    •All students scoring below 70% on a major grade will have theopportunity to re-assess one time within a specified two week period
    •Differentiated instruction must be provided to classes if more than 30%of students fail to demonstrate mastery on an assessment
    • Both the reassessment and original grade must be documented in the teacher’s gradebook score notes.
    • Only the higher of the two grades will be placed in the gradebook when averaging grades for the six week period.
    • Students are given the opportunity to re-assess when:
    √ Major grade assignments/ projects are turned in on the actual date
    √ Re- assessment must be completed in a two week period
    √Original assessment is taken on the specified day. Refusal to take thetest on the specified test day will result in a 0 and students will nothave the opportunity to reassess.

    Anderson’s Re-teach and Re-assessment Policy Plan
    •Policy expectations for teachers and students – The expectations forteachers and students are the same as Aldine’s Policy as stated above.
    •Schedule for re-teach sessions for each course- Re-teaching will becontinuous and ongoing during class time, ancillary, or a prearrangedtime between parent and teacher.
    • Schedule of two-week re-assessmentwindow with re-assessment dates and times for each major grade percourse- Students will be reassessed within 10 days after a majorassignment. The “R” will be removed no later than the 10th day after amajor assignment.
    Parents will see the “R” removed and replaced by a grade on the next report card.
    •Plan for monitoring the implementation of Re-teach and Re-assessmentPolicy - Administrators and Support Staff will monitor the grade bookfor reteaching and reassessment of students scoring below 70 on majorgrades. Classroom teacher will continuously monitor student progress andprovide intervention for struggling students. Intervention logs will bemonitored by the principal.
    • Plan for measuring the effectivenessof implementation- Monitor the type of intervention each studentreceives. Use data to determine if reteaching and reassessment iseffective.
    • Plan for communicating policy to all stakeholders
          Posted on campus website
          Posted in school newsletter
          Sent home with the first 6 weeks report card
          Presented during Family Nights/Family Trainings
    •Plan for communicating with parents or guardian when student does nottake advantage of re-assessment options- Parent/Caretakers will beinformed by personal phone contact and/or face to face parentconferences.

    Helping Children Learn
    This link, provided by the Title I Department, provides families with age/grade level
    (PK-12) appropriate newsletters that offer ideas and suggestions to bridge the
    home- school connection.

    Esteenlace suministrado por el Departamento de Título I, proporciona a lasfamilias boletines informativos a nivel de grado apropiado (PK-12) queofrecen ideas y sugerencias creando vínculos entre el hogar y laescuela.